May 1, 2008

What is We Love Long Beach about?

We Love Long Beach is a community based group that is about creating safe and welcoming environments, where we as neighbors can get to know and serve one another. There is so much fear and individualism that exists in our city. We recognize these issues as serious, and that is why we want begin to address them.
We are attempting to do so by having Neighborhood Breakfasts, BBQs, Book Clubs, Helping the Homeless, and in the future we hope a lot more...
We understand that it takes our community to join in with us, so that we can begin to find out what it means "to be a good neighbor".
If you are interested in helping out or donating to our cause-- to a better Long Beach-- please contact us:

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Michael Day said...

right on! I'm excited for the work you guys are doing. It was great meeting some of you at the giving project dinner. Sorry I missed the pick of the gift cert. @ advanced wellness.